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TIDE’s cutting edge analytics solutions digitize people movement to show your customers returning rate, visit frequency, dwell time and more, helping you to make clearer and informed decisions with data.

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Footfall Analytics

TIDE provides the latest technology to help you make
data-driven conclusions.

Trend Insights

Compare key metrics between seasons, months, weeks to spot trends in your business health

Behaviour Analysis

Understand customer behaviour from visit patterns using a top-down approach

Zone-Based Heatmap

Identify high performing zones and locations with multiple zone mappings

Campaign Analysis

Measure performance, impression, effectiveness of each campaigns, find relevance across campaigns to better manage marketing endeavour

Custom Reporting

Answer burning questions based on the data according to your specific needs

Real Time Data Streaming

Powered by the latest cloud technology and compression models, data is analyzed instantly allowing you to get first hand insights

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TIDE helps businesses in various industries excel by leveraging data to drive customer satisfaction, long term strategic planning, and increased operational efficiency.

Shopping Malls Industry

Shopping Malls

  • Measure weekly campaigns and retention rate
  • Identify distribution by floors and pinpoint bottlenecks
  • Understand high traffic entrances and exits
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Events Industry


  • Analyze hot zones and cold areas
  • Identify visitor flow path
  • Understand visitor engagement and interest level
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Out-Of-Home Media Industry

Out-Of-Home Media

  • Quantify impression rate
  • Provide accountability to customers
  • Know how different messaging affects traffic conversion
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Sales Gallery Industry

Sales Galleries

  • Obtain traffic insight without reporting from on ground salesperson
  • Measure visitor traffic vs sales person ratio
  • Compare visitor interest across different galleries
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Retail Industry


  • Understand in store shopping behaviours
  • Identify passerby traffic and walk in ratio
  • Evaluate promotional efforts among multiple stores
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Smart Cities Industry

Smart Cities

  • Identify traffic bottleneck and ease congestion
  • Understand seasonal trends at tourist spot
  • Optimise city resources to improve efficiency
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