Join us on a mission in helping businesses make data driven decision by better understand customer behaviors

Internship for Data Analyst


•   Write scripts to process and perform data cleansing from raw data
•   Conduct deep dive analysis into trends to identify patterns and irregularities
•   Organize data in a way that any analysis can be reproduced easily
•   Provide detailed and summary analysis on the findings
•   Generate reports and charts in a presentable way


•   Strong analytical skill
•   Knowledge in data data extraction and manipulation
•   Basic coding experience in either Node.js/Go/Python
•   Experience in using excel
•   Self-motivated and constantly looking for self improvement

Internship for Sales & Marketing


•   Develop sales strategies to reach new customers
•   Support sales and lead generation efforts
•   Perform industry and market research
•   Review, update and improve marketing materials
•   Handling of social media, public relations and content marketing


•   Experience in Google Slides
•   Proficient in English
•   Excellent written and verbal communication skill
•   Positive and outgoing attitude
•   Self-motivated and constantly looking for self improvement

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