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How do you detect in store foot traffic?

TIDE sensor detects foot traffic through the presence of smart phone. Because smart phone is a good proxy for human presence, plus it constantly emits signal from time to time, we take advantage of this technology by detecting these signals nearby and convert them into customers in our reports.

What are the information that can be retrieved from foot traffic analytics?

Retail owners use these information to understand in store customer behaviour, measure marketing effectiveness, optimise staffing needs, and spot potential opportunities.

Does customer need to have an app in their phone for TIDE sensor to detect?

No app is required to be installed in customer phone.

What is the size TIDE sensor can cover?

TIDE sensor can detect smart phone signals within an area of 2000 square feet. Depending on the size of retail store, we can geofence an area to differentiate customer and passer by. For example, kiosk owner can geofence an area of 600 square feet to treat signals detected within this area as customers.

How much foot traffic does TIDE sensor able to cover?

TIDE sensor detects 70% of total foot traffic. This is because not everyone owns a smart phone, and the signal can be affected by environment factor. After all the foot traffic analysis is used to measure trends in the physical store.

Can you get individual information from the signal?

No we can't. We only retrieve smart phone ID and signal strength from the signal. Smart phone ID are not associated with any specific user account or mobile phone number.

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